University of Southern California

EMD Millipore Kinase Collection: Cat. No. 539744, 539745, 539746 and 539747

The InhibitorSelectâ„¢ 96-Well Protein Kinase Inhibitor Libraries I, II and III consist of a total of 244 well-characterized, potent protein kinase inhibitors. The InhibitorSelectâ„¢ 96-Well Protein Tyrosine Kinase & Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Inhibitor Library IV consists of 83 additional pharmacologically active, potent protein kinase and phosphatase inhibitors. Most of these inhibitors are cell-permeable, reversible in their action and ATP-competitive, and will be useful for target identification in drug discovery, biochemical pathway analysis, screening new protein kinases/phosphatases, and other pharmaceutical-related applications.

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